Choir Leader

Over the past 5 years choir leading has become an important and joyful part of my portfolio career.


My ethos is always to instil confidence, facilitate a relaxed and supportive atmosphere, and create results that are greater than the sum of individua parts. And, of course, to have fun in the process!

I have been leading office choirs for Music in Offices for nearly 5 years, including for Standard Chartered Bank (ongoing), Ashurst LLP (ongoing), A+E TV Networks and Lewisham Homes.


I also co-lead the Globe Theatre and Tate joint staff choir, most recently directing them in a performance as part of Concert for Winter 2019 on the Globe Theatre main stage; a project for which I was also Musical Director.

A year ago I set up Palace Acappella Choir in Crystal Palace, and 6 months ago I become a Director and co-leader of Crib Notes, an independent series of parent and baby choirs across South London.

I have also run one-off and cover choir sessions for The Guardian, Channel 4 and the NHS, and am the official Deputy Choir Leader for the Mind and Soul Choir.

Photo credit: Peter Le May

What choir members say:

'I really love that feeling at the moment when we get harmonised - I call it 'choir magic'. I just cannot stop myself smiling..'

First and foremost singing is fun. It is energising and stimulating so a good way to unwind...'

'It gives us all self-confidence and we support each other... Above all we are learning to listen and to live in the moment'.

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