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My Ethos

It starts with: Making music should be fun!

How this manifests in my teaching depends very much on the individual pupil or group being taught.

Most people benefit from some combination of:

  • technical understanding to make singing/playing more comfortable and efficient and less mysterious

  • building confidence

  • reduction in over-thinking and inner critic commentary

  • being able to see progress

  • having an aim to work towards

  • relaxing and letting the music flow

And the greatest joy of teaching is finding the right path and requirements for each pupil.

20190615_CPF19_MJ_Palace Acappella_6706_

Photo credit: Mike Jones

'My team were very complimentary of your professionalism and how you managed to make everyone comfortable with singing. You have the rare ability of getting people to sing without them knowing they are!' Daniela Valdes, NHS Nexus

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